A Day in the Life

Pioneer Day

I love being in places that embrace their heritage! not many places celebrate Pioneer Day. For those who don’t know Pioneer Day is a memorial occasion of when the pioneers (finally) made it to their destination in the dear old west: Salt Lake City. It’s celebrated most often by simple, kid-filled parades, “western” food and fun, and the occasional cotton dress and bonnet. Our Parade was lots earlier, and we didn’t go to it, but the rest is right on. Although the western food this time consisted of a sandwich, a brownie, a bag of chips, and an apple. (come to think of it, I put my apple in the car to eat later and never took it out …I bet it’s still in there… somewhere … baked apple, anyone? Now I KNOW you’re all dying to ride with me some place, aren’t ya?)


We rode horses, we ate dinner, we played in the de-fished water (they let the kids “catch” real fish in a little pool made by tarps and hay bails. Needless to say, I DIDN’T want a fish. But once the fish were all gone, we let B. and her friends play) I have pics but I haven’t asked their mommy for permission to put their cute faces online yet.

And then Mommy had to go work, so we had to go…

B. had a great time, and is STILL telling anyone who will listen that she rode “the little horses, but not the big ones, because they were too big. but I rode the little ones.” (except repeat that line of thought 4 more times…)

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