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I’m dreaming of a white… OCTOBER?

Wait, it’s not supposed to snow the first week of October. Doesnt it know it’s supposed to be beautiful until October 30th, so we’re all excited thinking this year we wont have to freeze going trick-or-treating, just to be disapointed the night before? It’s tradition!
I started watching conference at my house, on my computer. But my computer’s old. And it didnt like the streaming video. And although I have a tv, it’s downstairs, and it doesnt get any reception down there. (I REALLY HATE that there’s no spell check on the new layout. I’m really tempted to go back to the old post-thing just for that. I could type my posts in Microsoft Word, but that’s so much work. So y’all are just going to have to deal with the fact that my spelling’s getting worse and worse.) Anyway, no conference downstairs. And a pain to watch on my outdated computer. So, Saturday night, I went to my grandma & grandpa’s house. And stayed there ’til monday morning. And lo an behold, monday morning, I wake up and look out her window. And HOLY COW! For those of you who don’t know my where my grandparents live, they have the PERFECT view of the Tetons outside their kitchen window. Artists have set up shop in their yard, just to capture the perfect view. But … well look for yourself…

What happened to the Tetons? They’ve vanished! And although the Tetons have disapeared, this pic doesnt do the snow justice. Check out my car!
 About 6 inches. And this was 8 in the morning! And it was still snowing. By the time we left at 11, it was completely covered again.  That’s my dear ol’ Grandpa. I think he’s having fun. We got B all bundled up to go out to “help” and he just laughed.
It’s kind of an irony having Grandma’s cacti in the foreground…
And of course, with this much snow (and it being fairly wet), you just have to make a snowman! So, we’d like to introduce B’s first ever snowman. ‘cept she’s a woman. see the long hair? (it’s a small garbage bag)

She’s got little marmalade sample bottle lids for eyes, and the marmalade bottle for a nose (afterwards, Grandpa pulled out carrots we could have used. oh well) And what else would you use as suprize snow snowman arms? Corn stalks left in the garden, of course!

B wanted to make more (of course! there’s a whole yard full of snow. What else would you do?) but I had to get home so I could get back to work.

The snow didnt want to roll into balls. It was a little too powdery for that. So we had to use the piling method. WE made a mound and then just kept building it up. we tried to make a ball for the head, and man, it took work! But for a first snowman, er, woman, it’s not bad!
I was smart enough to make B bring a coat, but I didnt think she’d need gloves! It wasnt supposed to snow. And of course, when it snows you have to play in it! So these are some of “Great Grandma’s” gloves. They didnt want to stay on. But with the excitement of the first snow, B didn’t care!

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