Happy Halloween


It’s Halloween, but most of the festivities here are already done.


The mummy hotdogs and pizza are eaten. The witch has a nose pinned back on, the fish are all “caught”, and the “potions” are strewn around. The costumes are set aside for tonight, and the punch bowl is empty. That being said, there’s still a brain mold full of jello sitting in my fridge because I forgot all about it.


Yeah, I wish I could say that was out of the norm for me… But oh well. We’ll just have a family game night tonight.

These mob bosses and one adorable Hello Kitty are looking forward to a night full of treats, tricks, and freezing temperatures.

Battle of wills

We’re currently on our way back from my  high school reunion (oh man, was that an eye opener), and jamming out to Hispanic music. Lest you think we actually enjoy it, let me explain:

I speak Spanish, and I think it’s kind of fun to listen for words I actually remember. Ranger, however, can’t listen without saying something about how it reminds him of circus music and changing the channel quickly. While we were flipping through stations on our drive and it tuned into a Latino station, I sarcastically said, ” here we go, let’s listen to this.” Not to be outdone, he left it there. Well, I can’t let him outlast me, when I’m the one that claims to enjoy it. And I honestly could probably stand it just fine except I keep expecting him to change it.

Why Seven?

In college, I took a Religious Contexts class. I also studied an Old Testament Symbology class. And while taking said classes, an interesting thing came to my attention. The number 7. In the Old Testament, and throughout Semitic religions, the number 7 appears over and over. We took a day discussing that biblical numbers are often symbolic, i.e. the number often tied to sacrifices is symbolic to help those following the Mosaic law in remembering the reason for the symbol. 7 is the symbol of perfection, wholeness, completeness, and exactness. It sums all of these concepts up, and many more. They all go perfectly together, and yet are different concepts in my mind. I like that there is one word that can put them all together, even if it’s just in my head. And I guess that’s what I’m looking for. Perfect completeness. Whole perfection. to me, completeness means the project is done, but not necessarily perfect. I can have a complete object that has lots of nicks and dents. And perfection, at least in mortality, is rarely complete. I can be a perfect piano player, but by being so, I’m probably terribly imperfect at something else. In order to be perfect at something in this life, I will have had to sacrifice something else, creating imbalance, being incomplete.

Symbolism in a biblical context suddenly made sense. And made Leviticus and Deuteronomy a whole lot easier to understand! And enjoy, for that matter. Imagine my surprise when in my Religious Contexts class, the number 7 was still rampant! It’s everywhere! And I’ve yet to find a time when discussion of the concept of 7 didn’t fit into my understanding of it. Holistic religions, Ancient Egyptian, Chinese culture, art, it’s everywhere!


UntitledFor her eighth birthday, we let our daughter get her ears pierced. It has been a family tradition and it makes sense. They’re old enough to take responsibility and ownership. Now that we’re in the middle of it, I think we should have waited. I’m sure I’d say that about any time I did it, but lets face it, at eight, they still need so much reminding, especially if its scary. She’s been avoiding changing her earrings because she just knows its going to hurt. The paradox I see as a much older adult is that the fear and avoidance are really what make the pain. By putting off something painful, you make it twice as painful, because you don’t clean them out as often or change them. I notice a similarity in changing earrings in newly-pierced ears and changing underclothing. It’s a MUST. Also, when this eight-year-old is afraid, she jerks and pulls away, causing much much much more pain.And I see the spiral creating even more fear for next time.

And then I think about being an adult. Is it really that different? It’s not earrings anymore. But there’s always that phone call that needs made, that goal that needs kick-started, or that progress to gain. Maybe eight is the perfect age to learn about fear and how to overcome it. How much better is it to learn fear by a pair of earrings than it is through turning in a college application or applying for a job? I guess that makes me glad we did this now. She’s getting a head start in a world full of fear.


I am just writing a quick post to test out the new duds. I have so many ideas running through my head I’m so excited to get this blog going! I want to give a big shout-out to Jessica at ElevenSixty for helping me get this started. She has been phenomenal! I have admired her for a very long time before now, and I’m honored for her help in this.

Yay! (or, for my grammar-conscious friends… “Yea!”)