Gratitude Dare

Day 4: Three Paragraphs

Now lets get serious. I think on most days, the average person can come up with one thing they’re grateful for. Even on bad days, a person can be grateful that the day is finally over (yes, I’ve had that thought before). However, coming up with 3 distinct events/ideas/things becomes pretty intense. Especially since we’ve already discussed how our paragraphs need to tell the whole story.

Writing 3 separate blessings makes you really look at your day. At least it made me look closer. I asked myself, “what DID I benefit from today?” It changed my perspective from, “well this was good but that was bad,” to “Even though that part took a lot of work, I’m glad I get to enjoy this benefit from it.” Had I only had to come up with one thing, I would have picked the best part of the day, and all of the rest of the day would have been erased from history. There are so many little blessings each and every day. There is more than one event in a day that deserves recognition and highlight. Let’s give rise to all good things, not just the one best thing.

Today, we get to look closer at our day and realize we have more than one thing to be grateful for.


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