Gratitude Dare

Day 8: Walk

dareToday, along with all previous challenge steps, go for a walk. In the cold (It’s November). Enjoy the weather. No seriously, enjoy the weather. So it’s cold… But is the sun still shining? You can enjoy the extra boost to the vitamin D. Is it snowing/raining? You can feel joy in the added moisture in the water supply. Cloudy? well, at least the sun isn’t scalding. This particular part of the challenge is easy for me, but not as easy for those I speak to regularly. Walking isn’t everyone’s favorite. And that’s okay. I still highly recommend it. To me, walking is “me time” at it’s fullest. I’m still able to accomplish something, so I don’t feel like my time is wasted (exercise, check! Care for my body, check! Plan my day, check!), but I can’t do too much at once, like I am prone to do if I am in my house (load laundry, eat breakfast, take notes on such-and-such, update the blog, check Facebook 10 times even though there’s nothing new, and plan what task I will be doing next; yes, I’ve done all of that at once). As women, as mothers, we are multitasking too often. In walking, we’re still multitasking, but in a balanced way that brings peace to the rest of the day. Men, too! When we are walking, we are free to think about life. We are free to balance our lives and create order internally. While walking, brains have a way of lining themselves back up, and that internal order begins spilling out externally. And then you get the benefits of the vitamin D exposure (as one who does not store vitamins properly, extra exposure is a HUGE selling point for me). And the endorphin from the body movement without the exhaustion from exertion (say that 10 times fast… exhaustion from exertion, exhaustion from exertion… yeah, enough). Walking outside helps you feel good. My life has been an adventure. I’ve never been one to say “in this moment, I am happy.” Smiling never came naturally to me. But when I walk, thoughts of that nature come into my head. I find myself smiling for no reason. Just to be outside and moving and doing right by my body, I find happiness. And that is something I am grateful for.

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