Gratitude Dare

day 9: Thank You

Break out the ol’ thank you cards! For today’s challenge, tell someone thank you! You can either mail a card, tell a person in person, or take an easy route and thank them on Facebook or some other social media. My guess is that I will use all three by the end of November.

dareYou can thank just about anyone. That’s the nice thing. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious whom to thank. Other times, it will take some thinking. I find it easier to find someone to thank in the moment, because otherwise, it seems forced. But you have to watch for it.

If, by the end of the day, you haven’t found some person you are grateful for, pull out your thank you notes and think back. Is there someone who helped you out in life and went unnoticed? Is there someone that had a hand in molding your life into what it is now and had no idea they affected you so much? Write a thank you card to them. You never know how much that note will mean to them. Or to you!

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