Gratitude Dare

Day 14: A Matter of Fortunes

dareYesterday, you served someone that needed a hand up. It wasn’t so hard. At least mentally. Right? How glorious and like the savior, to lift someone up, lighten a load, and carry a burden.

But what about all of those above you on life’s totem pole? The funny thing is, that totem pole is all inside your own head. Everyone has something dragging them down. And if they say they don’t they either have a good attitude or they’re lying. And I doubt it’s all good attitude, maybe partially, but not entirely. Everyone has bad days. It’s part of the plan. Everyone has something to work on, something to overcome and something to learn. Or they wouldn’t be here.

As humans, we tend to find things others have that we lack. Someone has all the money they need to pay the bills and actually gets to buy their wants. Someone has all the faith it takes to overcome the obstacles. Someone’s burdens are lighter. Someone has angel children. Someone has lots of children.

Think of someone who you think has “everything.” I bet it was pretty easy to find them in your mind. Now find a way to serve them.

The interesting thing is, by so doing, you will realize how much pride comes into play in your heart. And when you realize it’s there, send it packing. Pride and gratitude don’t mix, and it’s time for ours to take a vacation. A long one. Possibly forever. Perhaps that is one of the biggest blinders man has that God doesn’t. Pride distorts our views of our fellow beings. It keeps us from seeing people as they really are. God doesn’t have those distortions. Everyone has something to love about them, and something they’re working on.

so today, see people as God sees them. Serve them.

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