Gratitude Dare

Day 16: Ownership

Giving something you own… On the one hand it seems cheap, lazy and unthoughtful. On the other hand, giving something you own can be giving a piece of your heart. The difference is if you treasure it or not.

dareClearly, I’m talking about giving in the later sense. Today, find something you love, and give it away. There are a million excuses, but most of them aren’t any good. Find someone who needs something you have, and give it to them, no strings attached.

Somehow, there are few words needed, and yet it still seems so complicated…

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Ownership”

  1. I want to go all on board with that giving something that you treasure away can mean so very much. I don’t however think that giving something you own that maybe doesn’t mean so much to you any more is cheap, lazy or unthoughtful. (Don’t get me wrong it CAN be!) My point is, when I give things that I don’t need or want any more say clothing to a second hand store that it can mean just as much to someone. It says I took the time to think that there is someone out there that may go without or that may really love or need what I no longer do. (hope this doesn’t count as negative I just don’t want to discount the importance of those things that can seem meaningless.)

    1. Good point! I guess I’ve just not ever struggled with giving something away that I’m done with. That was my life. Getting and giving hand-me-downs, living off of and donating to a thrift store, and thinking that the things I have still have some life in them, even when I’m done with them was just part of my upbringing. I guess that I didn’t really think that giving away something I don’t need is tacky to the full extent, just that when you could give away something nice and you give away the broken and chipped thing instead, or if you have something that would work better for another family, but you give them the object that is too small or inadequate instead, just so you can keep the other, that’s when I think it’s cheap. And I don’t think it should be done all the time, either!
      It is rarely beneficial to constantly sacrifice yourself. Make sure you have what you need, but if it’s a just a want, and you love it, you can benefit from knowing someone else will love it too.

      Thanks for clarifying!

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