Gratitude Dare

Day 18: The Gift of You

We’ve been serving and giving for a few days, and now the task is to give of ourselves. It may seem like we’ve already done that over and over. Service is giving of ourselves, giving things we love is giving of ourselves. How is this challenge possibly different? Well, lets get into it.

dareIs there a way to give of ourselves that isn’t open service? Or exchanging any possessions? Let’s talk love languages here. Service is a love language. Gifts is a love language. but there are 3 other love languages! Each of them, along with the previous two can be considered giving of oneself. Today, focus on an unused love language.

Give of your ears.  Listen to someone; Really listen.Give positive feedback. Validate them.This is more than a thank you note, although, technically, that works too. We’re really focusing more on the listening. When was the last time you just listened without giving advice? Or listened without thinking of all the things you have to do in a day?

Give of your time. Play a game with your children, sans devices and apps. Give them 100% of your attention. How long has it been since you played a game with them without checking Facebook/Pinterest/emails/text messages [I’m feeling a bit guilty, here]? Others could use your time, too. Just to be with them. Make eye contact. Work on a project together.

Give of your respect. Treat people kindly, honestly, and considerately. Treat them like they’re the sons and daughters of God like they are. let them know they matter to you through your body language and your words.

Give of your friendship. Include someone new into your acquaintances. Include an acquaintance into your friendship circle. Do something friendly. Have a girl’s night out, maybe? Be a friend.

Give of your memories. Write a letter to you children or a friend from the past. Journal. Write something down that can be remembered in the future. Or go and make new memories, and document it with pictures. Capture this moment in time.

Give of your knowledge. Teach a new skill. Speak up in class or in the workplace, and share what you know that will benefit others. Write your testimony down. Share the gospel. When we share knowledge about something we know, in a solicited situation (unsolicited advice is rarely accepted), we grow closer to the person we’re sharing it with. Because then it’s a shared gift instead on one given only to you. It gives you something in common. And it’s fun.

There are many ways to give of yourself that don’t require much effort. Today, focus on one area you feel the strongest about, and see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Day 18: The Gift of You”

  1. So I was reading the beginning and thought I did that. And then I thought but that is normal for me it wasn’t out of the ordinary. So I guess I’m wondering, if it becomes something you would do anyway does it no longer count?

    1. MAK, it does count! But I don’t feel like anyone’s really perfected the skill, so if it feels right, maybe go a step further? Basically, it’s an individual thing. Go with what’s right for you. Or at least give yourself credit for it! I get distracted way too often. sometimes I let my attention deficit have the control instead of me, so this one is actually a needed area of focus for me.

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