Gratitude Dare

Day 19: Mom and Dad

Today, call Mom and/or Dad and tell them thanks. It doesn’t matter what you thank them for, but be as sincere as possible. Thank them for teaching you a skill you’ve needed, for making you eat your broccoli, for not letting you give up in band class, or for surviving past your teenage years.


Let me interject with stating that for some, I know that this is not possible. Instead, pick a role model you’ve looked up to and thank them. Someone was there in your life when you needed a motherly or fatherly figure. Thank them for being there for you.

I highly suggest writing it down. Then you’ll have a chance to say just what you want to say just how you want to say it.

Interestingly enough, I came across this video yesterday. Oddly appropriate (okay, probably not odd. It’s November. Gratitude is the buzzword of the month).

[warning]Oh, there is one word I don’t approve of that they don’t bleep, and there is one word that they do bleep. I wont be offended if you just mute it from 5:15-5:25. She just says that they wanted her to write a letter and then read it. She just doesn’t have the same language taboos that I do. [/warning]

To recap:

  1. Tell yourself it’s going to be a good day.
  2. Take thirty seconds to just be thankful.
  3. look at the bright side.
  4. Tell someone thank you (Today it’s a parent).
  5. Serve someone or give something.
  6. Write 3 paragraphs of gratitude.

See? Still 6 steps. That’s doable.

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