Gratitude Dare

Day 23: Doctrine

Now that you’ve found more time in your day, it’s perfect to add a habit of scripture reading. You may already have a good habit. Mine tends to be all or nothing. Sometimes I do extremely well but I set the goal too high and spend the whole day trying to reach it. Sometimes I don’t even pick up a book of scripture. I’ve had a goal for myself to read the old testament for four years now. I’m about 2/3 of the way through it. I’d like to finish.

dareThere is more than one way to study the scriptures. It’s nice to trade off and try another method and reap the benefits of seeing things you didn’t before. There is an intense study program, like I’ve been working on for four years, where you look up symbolism, study the background, and analyze each verse at a time. There is the quick read so you can see the whole picture. There is the companion study where you read two books at once (my friend reads the Book of Mormon one direction and the OT backwards. She says it’s amazing the parallel. I’ll trust her opinion). There is the topic study, where you pick a topic and research, ponder, etc, by topic (God’s love is a good topic).

There is scripture and doctrine in just about every faith, and no one should feel like they get a freebie because they’re not a particular religion. If you don’t have doctrine, read and study classics. You can follow the same study patterns listed above. The idea is to learn and find understanding in your soul and in the universe. Find your place. Get to know Deity. Reach a new potential.

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