A friend invited us to go sledding a few days after Christmas. It was an absolute blast! The hill wasn’t too steep, and the snow was just right so that all the kids had a fun and safe time. Us mommies even went down a few times.

I love talking to the mom. She’s so insightful. I am absolutely fascinated that her 4-year-olds haven’t seen the inside of a doctor’s office/hospital since the first car-ride of their lives. It also intrigues me that she still has them in one, if she never takes them in. But I also like her thought processes. She’s a superhero. Charitable, and just genuinely good. It’s so funny, because when she first moved into the neighborhood, I avoided her. She looked just like a certain ex-best-friend. I was sure they had to be related. And her girls looked just like another little girl I knew. And then the Lord had other plans for me, and He called her as my [lightbox title=”“Visiting teaching is arranged through the Relief society in our church, and allows for each woman to have the responsibility to care for another woman in her ward, as well as knowing there is someone she can call if she needs a little extra support.” width=”900″ height=”500″] visiting teacher[/lightbox]. Right as my bestie moved away. And as if I couldn’t catch the hint, He also called her husband as our home teacher.

I guess the Lord knows how hard it is to let people into my life. I see so many good people, and I miss chances with them regularly. There are lots of people I look up to, and secretly wish I could just call and hang out with, but I never step up, – never call. I know why I am that way, and it’s pretty clear to me why I’m so afraid; eventually, it’ll be easier for me to be close to people.Until then, the Lord will just have to keep setting up friends for me. I do think it’s interesting, though, that the Lord picked a “look-alike” for my next lesson in how to make friends.


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