Who’s Kid is She, Anyway?

While we’ve been talking about my grandmother and grandfather, and how Grandpa’s my guardian angel, the other day, my daughter asked me what my grandpa looked like. I told her I had a picture of him from when I was born and he came to visit. So we pulled out the scrapbooks and took a look. Naturally, you can’t just look at one picture. I showed her pictures of my Christmases, pictures from school, and silly pictures from my childhood. She giggled, and said, “Mom, you look JUST LIKE ME!” So we pulled out her scrapbook and compared.

Our discovery was just too funny not to share, even though it makes me nervous, so embrace this singular glimpse of my daughter

update: Yeah… after seeing the last superbowl, I shoulda picked a different pic…

I was laughing with her that her mouth was always open in pics (blaming the fact that she had both asthma and huge tonsils), until I saw that I was just as bad. I didn’t have asthma (that I know of), but I also got the huge tonsil trend, and they didn’t last long inside my body.


Can’t tell I’m her mamma at all, can you? I don’t think we look TOO much alike, but there are definite similarities.

It’s even funnier to note that she thought that pics of her grandmother were really pics of me! Guess my family’s got some crazy genes! The funny thing is, I looked a whole lot more like my dad when I was little.


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