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All’s Fair

Every year my family tries to have a booth in the local fair. This year, our booth turned out pretty good, but we still didn’t get many visitors. I’m hoping that’s just because the whole fair didn’t have as many paricipants as it normally does.


My sister-in-law crocheted a few mermaid fins and owl hats. I can’t believe they didn’t sell better. I think it has to do with how hot it was.

I made babylegs and singed flowers. I’ve got a few pictures of final products, I’ll post in their own post. My kiddo made the ever-popular (at least for now πŸ˜‰ ) loop bracelets.

Another sister made a ton of crocheted earrings and barrettes. They’re so cool! I wish more people would have come and seen them. My mom had a ton fo stuff, from hot pads to baby toys.

HI mom! πŸ™‚

The wind was pretty crazy, and it dropped the big whiteboard on my foot. It swelled up pretty big, but I’m better now.


sorry my feet are so gross.

I’ll try to get some of the crafts on my sale site and actually get it running. I wanted to already be moved b now (are you as sick of reading that as I am sick of typing that?) and then I could devote more time to it. alas… I might just have to get it going before I move, but I’m procrastinating.

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