Call to Arms

We’ve been going to the new ward, even though we aren’t moved in yet. It gives me the opportunity to have a half hour drive before we get to church. Today, I was observing all of the people in white shirts and ties out in the community.

There were the 2 missionaries standing waist-deep in a garden, helping out the man in the nice clothes. I assume that he had to pick his produce before he would go to church.

Then there was the family of strapping men helping the car in front of them with the loose tie-down strap (or something else on his trailer).

Then there was the row upon row of cars from out of town that pulled into the stake center building, I assume for a baby blessing (Future/returning missionaries don’t give talks on fast Sunday).

And while driving, and thinking of all of these people, this song comes on the radio.

I found the added messages appropriate, thought they weren’t in the song I heard on the radio. (I’m sorry if you have safety on and it doesn’t play. I could only find one video and it was deemed “inappropriate.” but I can’t figure out why. I was pretty frustrated to have to turn safety off to watch it… If you don’t want to turn off safety, here’s the lyrics.)

I thought of all of these examples of refugees receiving aid today. Sometimes all it takes is tightening a tie-down strap with a stranger. Or caring for a neighbor’s garden. Or inviting a loved one to church.

And sometimes, even the members become refugees. Sometimes we’re the ones caught up in the storm. How blessed we are to help others and also receive help. How blessed we are to enjoy the feelings of camaraderie by knowing that we share a common heritage. We are all children of the same Heavenly Father. May we always remember our brothers, refugees from the storm.

We sang this song in sacrament meeting today. I found it relevant to the thoughts I am sharing.


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