First Day of School

I was pretty nervous to send this girly to a new school. I was nervous for nothing, though. She loved it. Said it didn’t even feel like school. It’s hard, though, because in the old school, I was so actively involved. In this new school, I don’t know anything. I don’t know the teachers, or the common practices. I kind of feel out of the loop. I miss homeschooling, that’s for sure, but this year, with the move and everything, I don’t think I’d be homeschooling anyway.

Because most of her clothes are packed, I wasn’t about to go out and spend a fortune on new clothes until I know what it is she¬†still has, so she only got one outfit this year. You’ve gotta have one new fun outfit for the first day of school. It just feels that much better – gives you a boost of confidence for that first day tension.

don’t judge me by the yucky carpet. We don’t have to see it much longer.

Interestingly, this is pretty similar to the outfit I would have picked out at her age. It’s very bold. It’s the first outfit she picked that has some sort of style behind it. Usually, she just picks a graphic tee, mostly with Hello Kitty. This year, she definitely went with more of a statement. I love it but it gives me the mommy blues at the same time. She’s not supposed to be old enough for determined¬†fashion yet! I mean, I know I was pretty fashion-savvy as a kid, but she hasn’t been. I definitely notice a change in her. She’s slipping into pre-teen, already.

And oh! That attitude! Seriously, she’s become stubborn! Her teacher’s gonna have her hands full. Suddenly, this kiddo thinks she knows everything and can do whatever she wants. And yet she really doesn’t know more than she did the day before! It’s funny to get the new perspective on pre-teen years, isn’t it?

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