We’ve got all of the stuff moved over to the new house. Now the joys of unpacking! Oh, and guess what? It’s canning season, and if I don’t get tomatoes bottled, my family will starve this winter. And my apple trees (in this new house) needed picked and converted into apple sauce and apple juice. So, I’m still here. I’ve got some more canning recipes to add to the blog, and I’ve still got to add all the fun from the girlie’s back-to-school/belated-birthday party. But my family seems to think that unpacking is more important than updating the blog. So you’ll have to wait. For now. Just know I’m alive. More to come.


1 thought on “Update”

  1. Yay! You’ve been busy! I just caught up – fun paint, fun housey stuff, crazy missing fixtures. Our water was like that in Rigby, it’s just the well. You’ll still get some discolored water even after you’ve been there a while. When I hadn’t used my tub in a bit, it would burst out with rust colored water. Sandy too, and the toilet tanks allll look like that.

    Anyway, fun! I love house projects. :o)

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