The Downside To Country Life


Mice! I hate mice. People tell me that being surrounded by fields means I’m stuck with these rodents, but I refuse to accept it. They’ve gone through a 50 lb bad of wheat! And we wont get into the amount of clothes they’ve destroyed. Why the clothes, I have no idea.

I’ve tried traps. They were really effective for a while. The picture above was the first day I had them out. There were 3 in the trap when I woke up. There were 4 by the time I went to bed. Dumb mice. If the rest of the clan is in there trapped, why on earth would you join them?

I’ve tried mint leaves and mint oil. It works for a while. But then they get used to it.

We’ve tried bait, as much as we’ve hated to. It’s helped us rid the house of a few more.

We’ve tried lavender oil. It did nothing.

We’ve tried steel wool in the holes we’ve found, but they’re just using other holes somewhere.

we were told to try aromatic ceder. We haven’t been able to get our hands on any of that yet.

The best thing to help us get rid of them so far? The cold. Too bad that this is the warmest January I can remember.


Anyone else have any suggestions? Please? And while you’re at it can you come find every nook and cranny they have so they can’t keep getting in?

3 thoughts on “The Downside To Country Life”

    1. That is usually the answer I get when I wonder what to do with these critters. I have 3 problems with the “Cat” solution.
      1) my daughter is extremely allergic. Like, she’s near a cat for 5 minutes, she has allergy issues for 2 weeks. Cough (like lose-a-lung cough), sneezy-runny-yucky, and red foggy eyes.
      2) Cats are not native to the environment. They kill birds. They kill rabbits. They kill owls (that kill mice). They destroy the food chain. And that’s IF they want to eat the mice. With so many rabbits and birds, why go for a mouse? I’ve seen dogs eat mice better than cats. But dogs are out, too (see reason 1). I have heard that chickens eat mice, though. I might get a few chickens.
      3) I just don’t like ’em. Don’t like the smell. Don’t like the ‘tude. Don’t like the mess. Plus, I really think that cats don’t really like humans. I think they use and manipulate us. I read an article once, and I was going to link to it, but I can’t find it now. I found it. Click here. It shows all cat’s “lovey” behaviors in a different light. I like that article.

  1. I was gonna say cats, too! But since you don’t like that idea, what about a dog?

    When we first moved to the 10th ward, we were like the 2nd house there, and Stonegate wasn’t there, so we were surrounded by mega fields. We had soooo many mice, they’d fall into our basement window wells – ugh! We got Lucy, a Red Heeler and since she was a cattle dog in need of a job, E. taught her to catch mice. Took care of the problem. I only had one in the house after that. We had more of an issue in the shop and by the chicken coop so got cats for that, and they did the trick (lived outside & in the shop, not in the house, though that’s changed now that we moved).

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