Confessions: Marshmallows

Lately I’ve been having these silly little confessions that I’ve wanted to write about. They sound like a fun conversation. They are never very important, but I feel like they are still a part of me. I’ve had a lot of them lately, and decided it was time to actually write them on my blog instead of forgetting them in my head. I have MILLIONS of posts to write, but my garden is calling pretty loudly most days. And most days it’s a cry of desperate agony

“can you PLEASE come and move the water? we poor little tomato plants are so thirsty and the peas are swimming over there!”

“Help! Help! I am surrounded by ginormous bully weeds! Come save me! Please!”

Yeah… I’m doing great.

But anyway, back to confessions. It sounded fun. And gave me a good subject matter, which is the hardest part about blogging.

Today’s confession:

***Organic, corn-free marshmallows melt just as well – if not better – than their nasty-laden counterparts…***

especially if you may or may not have taken it to bed with you and didn’t plan on falling asleep just yet. And then you fall asleep anyway, still in your clothes and with your book falling to the floor. I woke up and I’m pretty sure I might have stuffed the sticky concoctions under my pillow, right next to my phone, because my phone came out from under the pillow white instead of gold. Did you know that shoving things under your pillow could become a reflex? It’s a pretty bad habit. I’ve tried to get into the habit of placing my phone on the night stand instead. Some nights it happens. Eventually I will take the next step and actually place my phone across the room or something.

But probably not for a while. It’s my alarm clock. And I’m not a morning person.  I tolerate my phone alarm – and only my phone alarm – as a wake up call. Everything else and this sleepy bear wakes up instead of me. It’s not the part of me I like my family to see.

Although I swear Ranger takes great pride in waking up that bear. He does NOT get the concept of sleep. He likes to average around 5 hours a night, and has his whole life. I need closer to 9. The fact that someone could need 9 hours of sleep is so foreign for him, that quiet is not in his morning routine. And it’s been FOUR years!

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