Keira? Who’s Keira?

Favorite childhood pic.

I’m a terribly inconsistent woman who tries to conquer the world before bedtime, and sometimes succeeds. I over-achieve, over-plan, and over-analyze, all the while never reaching my expectations of myself. I constantly get so caught up in a single idea that I let everything else fall into chaos around me. I tend to channel Martha more than Mary, and Corrie more than Betsie, although I am starting to find the harmony in both.

I’m the queen of good intentions, but have terrible follow-through. I have a strong sense of right and wrong, and it gets me into trouble sometimes. I’m bold and have big ideas. I love symbolism and learning new things. My passions change regularly, along with my favorite color, which is usually more of a favorite color combination. I love anything involving research, I love teaching myself new skills. I love defying all odds, and nothing lights the fire under me like telling me I can’t do something. I am good for the sake of being good, and have always struggled with being told to be good because then I lose my agency to choose for myself. I LOVE agency and watching how people use it.

I secretly wish that I could somehow both change the world and crawl under a rock and hide at the same time. I have a passion for sharing how I feel the light that I feel. Light is very important to me, it’s part of my very core. I have both light and dark in me, and I am okay with that. I see both the good and bad. I see human weaknesses, and I love them, because in weaknesses are true strengths. Most people misinterpret my love of weaknesses as pessimism, but I don’t see it as such. I see it as a willingness to see the whole picture and accept it for what it is, while focusing on constant improvement.

I look at the world differently than the people around me. I have a knack for gauging what people are thinking before they ever say anything, which can get me into trouble. I question everything, and if I like what I find, I make it a part of me, creating a constant self-change. Every day, I like myself a little more. Every day, I add more Pieces of Me.

My senior pic. I often get comments on the hairstyle. Ironically, I never wore my hair this way, my hairstylist cousin did it for me. The rolled up pants, though; that was totally me.

What do you do, exactly?

A little of everything? Seriously. I love homeschooling, although that’s not currently happening. I love gardening and canning, but I’m not so good at the managing-the-weeds-thing. I love quilting and crafting and celebrating and living. My resume includes cleaning clinics, cake decorating, and wedding planning…Mostly, I shake it off, and step up.

Why Seven?

In college, I took a Religious Contexts class. I also studied an Old Testament Symbology class. And while taking said classes, an interesting thing came to my attention. The number 7. In the Old Testament, and throughout Semitic religions, the number 7 appears over and over. We took a day discussing that biblical numbers are often symbolic, i.e. the number often tied to sacrifices is symbolic to help those following the Mosaic law in remembering the reason for the symbol. 7 is the symbol of perfection, wholeness, completeness, and exactness. It sums all of these concepts up, and many more. They all go perfectly together, and yet are different concepts in my mind. I like that there is one word that can put them all together, even if it’s just in my head. And I guessthat’s what I’m looking for. Perfect completeness. Whole perfection. to me, completeness means the project is done, but not necessarily perfect. I can have a complete object that has lots of nicks and dents. And perfection, at least in mortality, is rarely complete. I can be a perfect piano player, but by being so, I’m probably terribly imperfect at something else. In order to be perfect at something in this life, I will have had to sacrifice something else, creating imbalance, being incomplete.

Symbolism in a biblical context suddenly made sense. And made Leviticus and Deuteronomy a whole lot easier to understand! And enjoy, for that matter. Imagine my surprise when in my Religious Contexts class, the number 7 was still rampant! It’s everywhere! And I’ve yet to find a time when discussion of the concept of 7 didn’t fit into my understanding of it. Holistic religions, Ancient Egyptian, Chinese culture, art, it’s everywhere!