I’ve always disliked dairy. Especially some cheeses. It’s not a lactose-intolerance¬†thing, really, because it’s usually not the heavy-lactose things that bother me. I have a huge problem with cheddar, but can handle powdered milk. that’s totally backwards! Powdered milk is about 97% lactose, if I’ve done my google-searching correctly.I think it’s a problem with the milk-fat. 2% kills me, but skim doesn’t. Maybe something else, I don’t know. At any rate, since I cut out cereal 6+ months ago (best decision!!! Haven’t looked back), my daughter’s been noticing that she feels so much better without cereal and milk. So, we struggle to finish a half gallon before it goes bad. As we were having rice for breakfast today, I couldn’t help noting the types of milk we have in our lives! I have to buy so many varieties now!

  • we have powdered milk in our pancakes and for baking. And for cottage cheese if we ever eat it (SOO much better this way, I promise).
  • we have almond milk or coconut milk for things that just plain need milk (like rice for breakfast).
  • we have 1% for my husband who REFUSES to join the “health kick.” Little does he know he’s being slowly converted. I haven’t dared point it out, because that will halt all progressive change.

However, instead of buying sour cream and yogurts and the like, we use no-sugar plain Greek Yogurt. Yogurts never used to bother me. But then I read the labels. Seriously! If you don’t want to change your diet, don’t research what some of the ingredients are. It’s way too much of a catalyst for change. So that was enough for me to get over my desire for Yoplait. Now I can mix in my own fruit and honey at home. I used to hate plain yogurt with fruit on bottom or whatever. It was still nasty. But with honey and tons of fruit, I guess I just don’t notice the difference. Either that or I’ve discovered what real food tastes like. And I do love that one container can fulfill so many needs like sour cream and yogurt and ranch and that sort of thing.

I know there are advocates for both sides of the milk argument. Some (like my friend Reta) think it’s awful any way you swing it and are quite happy with their almond milk. Some (like news, media, and a ton of people with their own agendas and propagandas) say that milk is a required dietary need. I’d say I’m in the middle. I think most of our problem comes from pasteurization and homogenization, but I don’t have any evidence to prove it. As a whole, I think that milk is enjoyable, but not a necessity. I count it as a blessing, not a need.

How do you view dairy? Are some things okay? Is it always good? Always bad? Let me know. (I know I don’t have that many followers, but I was interested in whatever feedback I can get).

Remineralizing update

It’s ¬†been:

  • one week since my mouth started hurting.
  • 5 days since I started oil pulling.
  • 2 days since I started remineralizing.

I wanted to touch bases.

First of all, coconut oil isn’t bad. The texture is still a little odd until it melts all the way. And it’s really monotonous to swish for 20 whole minutes. I confess I usually go about 10-15 minutes, decide that’s long enough, and spit it out.

Maybe eventually I’ll have jaws of steel.

The first morning I experimented, I used regular toothpaste with oil pulling. My tooth felt fine until I brushed afterward. Over the course of this week, something else occurred to me. I think it’s currently my biggest eye-opener in the toothpaste conundrum: The side where the tooth in question resides is also the side, no, the exact spot that the gob of toothpaste first makes contact with my teeth. You would think that if that’s the spot that gets the strongest concentration of the stuff that’s supposed to care for my teeth, that would be the LAST spot to get cavities. I used the last gob of toothpaste anyway, so I am just not going to open up another tube until I see how this goes.

The second day I didn’t use any toothpaste (Shameful, I know), just oil pulling. I do have to say that my mouth made huge improvements! I only took Tylenol every 8 hrs (before that I was rotating Tylenol and ibuprofen every 2 hours).

The third day, I used an old prescription toothpaste I have (ProNamel). I realize that by using toothpaste, especially prescription toothpaste, (especially prescription toothpaste I’ve had in my medicine cupboard for more than a year), I’m being unscientific in my study, but I am not so convinced that the internet has this right, yet. And in the process, I want to stop hurting. Honestly, though, these two days were the days that my mouth hurt the worst (aside from the first two days, Where I didn’t use coconut oil)! I was having to take tylonol every 4 hours, and eating was painful. Oil pulling by itself has been the best thing up until now.

On the 4th and 5th days of oil pulling, I finally had the remineralizing toothpaste made up (Breaking calcium pills up into calcium powder is not as easy as it sounds… and those pill-crushers are great… when the pill isn’t a solid rock… like the calcium pills are), so I used ProNamel in the morning, and the remineralizing toothpaste before bed. So far, this is the best balance. I know that the ProNamel hurt more by itself, and purists will curse me for sticking with something with fluoride. Eventually, I will probably stop using it. But I’m having to re-train my brain. Using the remineralizing toothpaste leaves my teeth feeling like I just left the dentist’s office, a little gritty. It tastes like dentist, too. I can’t really complain, that’s probably a good thing. But… it’s not pleasant. I can’t bring myself to lose the minty-fresh side of clean teeth during the day. I know I can add mint extract into the concoction, but I don’t have mint oil (I’m just starting to venture into the “oil world.” I do have clove oil, and I’ve had clove oil since before cloves were cool, and I’ve added a drop of that. Cloves help fight infection. They also help with tooth pain (which is why I’ve had clove oil in my cupboard since I’ve lived on my own. It’s also why it was a staple in the cupboard with my family-of-origin, that all has soft-enameled teeth (Except my dad. He’s lucky. He should have shared that gene. Instead I got the “dentures before 40” gene from my mother).Oh, and I wont add xylitol, because it’s not necessary and I can’t bring myself to add a sweetener that is unnecessary to be counterproductive. Of course, I just came across this site, so I might change my mind. I’ll have to do a bit more reading between the lines.

Do I think Just oil pulling works? Um… Maybe, but I think it would take a long time to actually heal things. I think oil pulling by itself would have to be used for teeth that are already in good shape.

I did notice something, though: The resources I read said “first thing in the AM.” I really am not keen on the idea of getting my kid ready for school while I can’t say a thing. And I AM really keen on the idea of sleep. So getting up on time (okay, I WAKE up on time, I just don’t get out of bed for 1/2 hr. Bad habit, I know) in order to swish coconut oil wasn’t high on my to-do list. But I noticed on the mornings I actually DID it first thing in the morning, I wasn’t reaching for painkillers by lunch. It didn’t hold true for the mornings I waited until my kiddo was off at school. This was both days with and without remineralizing toothpaste.

And, I think another issue that can’t be addressed or fixed by any natural remedy (that I know of… anyone got any ideas?) is this darn bite problem. I’m starting to think that that is most of the remaining pain! Whether or not it’s from cavities, too, I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure. My tooth looks grayish (a sure sign of a problem), and flossing between my teeth hurt like a bugger on the first few days (and I love flossing, so I like to floss every time I brush. I think if I’m gonna go through all the work to brush my teeth, I might as well get between my teeth, too. Although I still get most of my cavities between teeth. Go figure. Another reason to hope oil-pulling works, I guess). It’s not nearly as painful now. But the pressure is still there, like my jaw has been through some major clenching. Also, now that I’m focusing on my bite, It’s really causing problems. I can’t tell what is right, and knowing it’s a problem is like knowing there’s a sliver in your skin so you keep playing with it and irritating it instead of leaving it alone and it pushes itself out. When I think the Dentist will look past my cavities, I’ll probably go in and demand, at all costs, we get my bite fixed. And beg him to help me figure out how it’s supposed to match together… somehow…

Sometimes I think my mother had it right… Dentures before I’m forty sounds easier than braces when I’m [almost] 30.

My Own Tooth Trauma

Friday night, I started having major pains in one of my molars. It’s ached for about 3 years now, because …well it’s a long story involving a rush job done by a dentist that expected me to come in the day before my wedding (yeah right) for a root canal and an improper bite that makes my whole jaw hurt. But I digress. This hurts more than an ache.

The thing is, in the past few years, knowing full well that I was one step away from a root canal, my ears have perked up whenever root canals were mentioned. I’ve listened while natural/wholistic friends discuss how root canals kill the tooth. I’ve gone on tangents when articles I’m reading have ads discussing how teeth can heal themselves, if you let them. I’ve studied doctor commentaries that usually argue that teeth need the root canals, but it’s usually a last resort.


Saturday, while I’m holding my jaw and whimpering a little, I researched in one big push. If there’s a way to prevent root canals, isn’t it worth looking into? I mean, even if it’s not a truth, does it really hurt to put it off a week? I mean, if the tooth is pretty much on the gallows, anyway, can’t we delay the sentence one week, just to see if it can be pardoned? From what I can tell, it should only take a week to decide if it’s going to work; Longer to heal entirely, no doubt, but a week to see results/ feel reduction in pain. I’ve dealt with pain, although I confess that I’m a major wimp; but I will take pain -the fear of root canals is stronger.

I’ve never had much luck with dentists. In fact I’ve only ever liked one dentist, up until the rush-job I mentioned above. Before that, I had one dentist pull a tooth just because it was growing too close to another one (now I’m missing a canine, and have a triangular gap in my bottom teeth), one who pretty much destroyed my mouth, one tooth at a time, and one who went to pull a tooth (root-canaled by the complete-destroying dentist) just to break my jaw along with it. I have temporary bone in my jaw from that. It also gives me a huge gap in the back of my mouth that can’t close because there’s no bone for the teeth to go to. At any rate, I feel my fear is justified.

So…game plan:
1. Eat soft foods and try to be gentle, for a week. Avoid sugars and acids. Take acetaminophen and/or ibuprofen until the pain begins to be tolerable. It’s already getting better.
2. Oil-pulling. I’ve heard of this for a while, but swishing oil in my mouth for 15-20 minutes didn’t sound enjoyable. I’ve done it twice, now (pain makes things take on new light), and it’s not as bad as I thought, once the coconut oil is liquid, and if I don’t put too big of a spoonful in my mouth.
3. Remineralizing toothpaste (found recipe online consisting of calcium powder, baking soda, and coconut oil)
4. If it doesn’t work, go in to see a dentist in a week and just get a root canal. If it stops hurting, keep trying this for a month. If it seems to be improving even more, then try it until my teeth are in good shape, then go and get the dentist to try to fix my bite, so I can’t keep hurting myself by actually closing my jaw or grinding my teeth while I sleep.