Just One Day at a Time

Did you know some people have simple lives? Really! I mean, I’ve heard of those people: the people who only have one thing going on in their life at one time.

Well, those people aren’t me. And apparently they aren’t Ranger, either. There is SO MUCH. It’s not all tragedy after tragedy. It’s actually all good right now (I say ‘right now’ with crossed fingers). We FINALLY have so much direction and so many answers to all the questions of 2013, that my head is left spinning. I wish I had the liberty of posting everything in my heart and every cog I’ve got spinning. I’m dying to tell someone, and the blog is a good place for that. But then, what if a certain “my-life-goal-is-to-be-Keira’s-monkey-wrench-in-the-machine” person finds the information?

I’ve calculated. I have 10 “machines” rolling at once, all with 10,000 “cogs” and “pieces” that I’m trying to get lined up correctly.

Cogs 1
source: Tim Green aka atoach, Flickr
  • The private school front is coming along, but just coming along and not blowing me away. I’ve still got to find students. And a location. I’m searching, but something’s just not right. A piece is missing.
  • I’m registered to take a few classes soon at a local college. I feel that these select classes will give me the missing pieces I need for starting a private school.
  • There is progress to the “my ex is a jerk” machine. But it’s slower than I wish. Naturally.
  • There is progress to the “I inherited a mortgage” machine (which I haven’t even mentioned! It’s been a headache. I just have to tread lightly because there is so much family involved, and relationships are more important than convenience).
  • My garden is started. I’ll write a separate post on that.
  • I’ve got a ton of nursery lessons I intended to blog and haven’t yet.
  • I am determined to deal with this major paper-mess next to my computer. It’s unruly. Most of it is anecdotal or cool quotes. I’ve been adding them to Tumblr, because then I don’t have to keep a paper around. It’s working… but slowly… much too slowly.
  • My house is so full of stuff, and I’ve been telling myself I’ll have a yard sale for about a year now… and then it snowed and I said I’d sell it online. And now spring’s almost here and I am telling myself I’ll just throw one big yard sale all at once. And the stuff is still here… I keep saying I’ll just de-clutter my house first. and that starts with the papers. and that’s a slow process. Especially because my penmanship wasn’t always delicate and pretty.
  • I’m behind on making baby quilts for my ward, and there’s a baby due in the ward next month! AHHH! Must unbury [why does that word look so funny?] the sewing machine. I tell myself I’ll yard sale stuff first… You see my thought-breakdown here, don’t you?
  • There is progress on the fertility front. We finally found a doctor with good vibes. Seriously. That pretty much sums it up. We’ve visited with 4 doctors over the past year. We’ve exchanged info between us and doctors in much larger, much further-away towns. And we just barely found one we liked. And he’s right down the street. Go figure. I can’t explain it, but I want to try… It’s like, with all the other doctors, I was just some case-study. They plugged numbers into formulas. They ran tests. That was it. This doctor… If spirits hugged while bodies kept proper distance, it might come close to describing the situation. On the outside, everything was business and question/answer discussion. On the inside, I was a potential-mother of a child of God and he was put in place to help that happen. That’s what his countenance said. He is a man that reverences parenthood and somehow knows what a soul needs to be okay. Also, he left us in the drivers’ seat. All the other doctors tried to make this their drive, their project. He wants to make it ours. He gave us all the facts, but then said he’d help however we wanted. A plan came pretty easily.


Gah! I didn’t mean for a month-long vacation. I’m glad I took it, ┬ábut I apologize. I’m getting hit with the winter blah’s a little harder this year than anticipated. And life’s kind of been a whirlwind. I’ve got a couple of posts I halfway wrote but never finished. I’ll get them up today and probably backdate them.

Either way, it looks like my life is about to change. I feel like if last year was the year for questions, this is most definitely the year for answers. I don’t know what they all mean, yet, ┬ábut I feel like what was once a stagnant river is now a massive, earth-shattering flood-rush of water. It’s taking some time to figure out what’s up.

I had a list of goals for this year. But I threw them out the window. Not because I don’t keep resolutions (I very much do, even if I fall behind in them), but because they’re already non-applicable. I don’t really know what goals I have, yet. And now it’s February. I wish time would pause while I figured out what was going on, but the story of life is, the world just keeps on turning.


I am just writing a quick post to test out the new duds. I have so many ideas running through my head I’m so excited to get this blog going! I want to give a big shout-out to Jessica at ElevenSixty for helping me get this started. She has been phenomenal! I have admired her for a very long time before now, and I’m honored for her help in this.

Yay! (or, for my grammar-conscious friends… “Yea!”)