You would not believe the difference between Nursery kids and Sunbeams! With nursery, you need a short, eye-catching lesson. Tons of pictures, tons of movement, and about 5 minutes of words. Tops. So I came up with the idea of creating a flipbook so that all of the pictures I needed for each lesson were right there handy, I could expound upon the finger-plays (by providing pictures and signal clues), and so I could be in total control; because Nursery kids can smell fear! You lose them for 1 second and they’re GONE!

  1. I Am a Child of God
  2. Heavenly Father Has a Plan for Me
  3. I Can Pray to Heavenly Father
  4. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me
  5. Jesus Christ Showed Us How to Love Others
  6. The Holy Ghost Helps Me
  7. Jesus Christ Created the World for Me
  8. Sunday Is a Day to Remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
  9. I Have a Body like Heavenly Father’s
  10. I Will Take Care of My Body
  11. I Love My Family
  12. I Can Pray with My Family
  13. My Family Can Be Together Forever
  14. I Will Obey
  15. I Will Be Thankful
  16. I Will Say “I’m Sorry”
  17. I Will Share
  18. I Will Love Others
  19. I Can Be Happy
  20. I Will Be Reverent
  21. Joseph Smith Saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
  22. The Book of Mormon Teaches Me about Jesus Christ
  23. I Love the Scriptures
  24. I Will Follow the Prophet
  25. I Belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  26. I Will Be Baptized and Confirmed
  27. The Sacrament Helps Me Think about Jesus Christ
  28. Heavenly Father Blesses Me through the Priesthood
  29. Jesus Christ Was Resurrected (Easter)
  30. Jesus Christ Is the Son of Heavenly Father (Christmas)
  • Review lessons 1-2
  • Review lessons 3-4
  • Review lessons 5-6
  • Review lessons 7-8
  • Review lessons 9-10
  • Review lessons 11-13
  • Review lessons 14-15
  • Review lessons 16-17
  • Review lessons 18-19
  • Review lessons 20-21
  • Review lessons 22-23
  • Review lessons 24-25
  • Review lessons 26-27
  • Review lessons 28-30

Holiday variations

  • Lesson 14 with emphasis on mothers (Mother’s Day)
  • Lesson 28 with emphasis on fathers (Father’s Day)
  • Lesson 25 with emphasis on belonging (Independence Day)
  • Lesson 15 (Thanksgiving)

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