1. I am a Child of God
  2. Heavenly Father Has a body
  3. Heavenly Father’s Plan for Us
  4. I can Pray to Heavenly Father
  5. Jesus Christ is the Son of Heavenly Father
  6. Heavenly Father and Jesus Love Me
  7. The Holy Ghost Helps Me
  8. I Am Thankful for the Day and the Night
  9. I Am Thankful for Water
  10. I Am Thankful for Trees, Plants, and Flowers
  11. I Am Thankful for Fish
  12. I Am Thankful for Animals
  13. I Am Thankful for Birds and Insects
  14. Adam and Eve Were Created in Heavenly Father’s Image
  15. The Sabbath is a Day of Worship
  16. I Have a Body
  17. I Am Thankful for My hands
  18. I Am Thankful for My Ears
  19. I Am Thankful for My Eyes
  20. I Am Thankful That I Can Smell and Taste
  21. I Have Feelings
  22. I Can Do Many Things
  23. I Belong to a Family
  24. I Love My Brothers and Sisters
  25. I Love My Whole Family
  26. Families Can Be Together Forever
  27. We Can Pray As a Family
  28. I Can Be Obedient
  29. I Can Say I’m Sorry
  30. I Can Forgive Others
  31. I Am Thankful for My Home
  32. I Am Thankful for Food and Clothing
  33. I Can Be A Friend
  34. I Can Love Others
  35. I Can Be Kind to Animals
  36. I Can Be a Good Example
  37. I Can Be Honest
  38. I Can Be Reverent
  39. Music Makes Me Happy
  40. The Sacrament Helps Me Think about Jesus
  41. Heavenly Father and Jesus Gave Us the Scriptures
  42. I Belong to The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  43. We Have a Living Prophet
  44. We Can All Help at Church
  45. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter)
  46. The Birth of Jesus Christ (Christmas)

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