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Mom Logic

Today I was watching one of my friends’ kids. The boy told me I was mean and that he’d have the cops put me in jail. I asked him what he’d tell tell the cops to convince them I needed to go.  He couldn’t think of anything. So he said he’d hit me. I told him that then I’d have something to tell the cops when he called, then. He’d say that he’d kill me (he’s only 4, so I doubt he really thought that one through). Said then neither one of us would have to tell the cops. They’d know.

Then he said he tells his mom that all the time. And his dad. I said if you killed them, who’d feed you?
“I would.”
“You can use the stove?”
“How would you get groceries? can you drive?”
“I’d walk”
“But what if it got cold? Do you have that many coats to stay warm?”
“I wont get cold.”
“Ok, but what about your sister? Who’d change her diaper?”

And that was it. He couldn’t stop laughing. So there you go. Never try to win an argument with a mom. 

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