Gratitude Dare

Day 3: Tell the Stories

Welcome back! You’ve mastered the ability to write sentences of thanksgiving. Now, we get to turn that sentence into a whole paragraph. I suggest sticking with the phrase “I am blessed because…,” but if it just doesn’t work for you in something, don’t feel constrained. First and foremost, this project has to work for you. I could go all grammar-geek on you again and discuss that a paragraph needs at least 5 sentences, but that’s technical, rather biblical-scribe-ish. If you feel like you’ve done your gratitude justice, count it. 


Make sure that when you’re writing your paragraph, you add enough information and story so that when you look back on it, you can recall the events that touched you. This challenge counts as brownie points with the journal-tracking angels in heaven (there might be such a thing, you never know…), Plus, it doesn’t really count for anything if you just write down a few scattered details and then years later you’d look at these memories and gratitude statements and say, “well, this is totally pointless.” I don’t want you to waste your time, I want it to count for something. Just imagine, instead, having a terrible day and then coming across this entry and getting to relive such a gratifying and uplifting experience (because even if it’s little, in your memory, it will become big later) and having that memory be just the thing to make your day all better. Doesn’t that sound promising? I think it’s a romantic thought, at any rate.

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