Gratitude Dare

Day 6: Great Day

So we’ve helped ourselves look back on the day with positive feelings, and now it’s time to look forward to a day with positive feelings. Tomorrow morning, along with writing 3 paragraphs full of gratitude and looking for the bright side, start your day off with a pick-me-up. Though I’ve never experienced the “thrills” (aka the drug-induced chemical reactions) of coffee, I have a feeling this will be more beneficial, with less withdrawals. Although, I bet a chemical change might still happen?

When you wake up tomorrow, what is your first thought? I confess, mine is something like “ughhhh, it’s morning already?” or, “Why am I up before my alarm, again? I still have x minutes I could be asleep,” depending on if my body wakes me up or my alarm clock does. But just imagine what I could gain by changing that thought? I’m sure I’ll need some practice. But I also foresee that getting out of bed will become much easier. I will probably accomplish more, and it probably wont be as exhausting to survive all the way until the next bedtime (Seriously, why is daytime so exhausting?). Once again, I’m not seeing any downsides. As long as I don’t give up, because I’m sure I’m going to have to force-feed the statement a few times.

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