Gratitude Dare

Day 22: Early

My Mother used to tell us (while we were in a grumpy, half-conscious, not happy to be awake, state) “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” As an adult,  I’m still not a morning person, but I have seen the blessings of getting up early. And I can see why the idiom was created.

  • When you get up early, you’re not rushing. For me, this is the main reason. When you rush in the morning, your whole day is playing catch-up. I used to know just how long it’d take to get up and get out the door, and wake up to the minute in order to get as much sleep as possible But now I am training myself to arise early, and i have extra time to spend wherever I need and don’t have to limit myself. Before, I couldn’t spend extra time on my hair, outfit selection, scripture tangents, breakfast, etc. It was all about rush until it’s done. Now I can savor any part of my morning that I desire. Scripture study often follows tangents (in which I find the most growth, because the tangents are what is relevant to my needs and thoughts at the time), my hair is still usually in a ponytail, but I have potential to do with it, and I do try to dress up more, just for myself.
  • When you get up early, you get more done. No one else is awake to need your attention. You’re clearer in thought, because the worries and distractions of the day haven’t crept into your head yet, and you’re full of the energy that sleep provides. Furthermore, you think more clearly, therefore you plan your day in the proper order, so you can move more efficiently throughout your day. And you can get the foundation laid before the distractions wake up.
  • When you get up early, there is time to take care of the “some day” projects. Then you feel accomplished, you take care of the mental to-do list, and it’s much easier to clean a house that is uncluttered of the things just waiting for you to get around to. That’s the perk for me, I don’t have to move the unfinished projects around in order to clean and feel some semblance of sanity.
  • When you get up early, you get time for yourself. Number one reason, ding ding ding ding ding. Form your own opinions before someone tells you how you should feel. Take care of yourself before the world needs you to take care of them. Shower uninterrupted in a house full of young children. Feed yourself and only yourself. Pray at a time when you can hear your own thoughts. Set goals for yourself in a balanced and energized state. Remember that you are a human  being and that you are special and need to care for yourself. Remember that you are important and precious. That memory will stay with you throughout the day and you will find yourself keeping up more of your boundaries. Boundaries are stronger, already, because you’ve had time to reinforce them before anyone got up.
  • When you get up early, you have time to spend in thanksgiving, and you have more reason to tell yourself it’s going to be a great day.  When you awake with time to spare, you’re not giving yourself a crash-course on all the things you’ve got to get done in a day.
  • When you get up early, you eat better, because you have more time to devote to what you will eat. There is time to make pancakes, muffins, or eggs. There is time to eat it slowly, which is better for your digestive system, stomach, and future appetite. And you have time to think about the food you eat and make healthy food choices. You also have more time to dedicate to your lunch.

My mornings have become sacred. I haven’t let anyone know that I’ve become an early riser, because it gives me the time to create structure and order for myself. It gives me time to read scriptures that I never get done if I try to read after everyone is awake.

dareEarly is up to interpretation. It can be whenever you need. It doesn’t even have to be earlier than you’re currently getting up, if you feel that you are spending your mornings unrushed and refreshed. For me, early is 6 o’clock. I’m still trying to get the habit to stick. Some mornings, I do great. Others I roll back into bed. I’d like to make it a habit instead of a novelty. Tomorrow, wake up early.

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  1. I wish waking up early meant that I had time before the kids got up! Do get me wrong I am the first one up every morning but I am always followed awake in a mater of minuets, regardless of when I wake up. On a good day I might get a half hour. The rest is all true.

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