History is my favorite subject, I think. I love fitting the pieces together. I also love how it takes just a bit of faith to accept any history, as most of it is skewed biases. But I came accross these stories the other day and they both intrigued me. I thought I’d share:



Noah’s Ark Discovered — again.

They found a huge boat in the mountains, buried, but with animal bones found inside. It’s a pretty geeky history read if you’re interested.[/left]

Book of Mormon and DNA Studies.

This article talks about no matter how much people think they know by DNA, they can’t get conclusive results. It also is just kind of cool to hear the church’s perspective on what they think happened in the Americas, because I think we’d all just assume that the peoples of Lehi were the only one.  [/right]

Aren’t these just fascinating? Okay, I’m probably the only one to read them, but I think they’re pretty cool. I love making sense of what I know and what I KNOW. And how history is one story told many different ways.

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