A Day in the Life

Because I Think Better in Print

Okay, so I’ve been trying to decide how this blog fits into my life, {nothing new} and I’ve been doing the new-year thinking, but I’m not getting anywhere in the thinking department. So I”m going to write it down. All real-style and such. How’s that for the first post on my blog in over a year? I always envision some grand insight coming up. But this is me. Glorifying my imperfections. If I wait to have it all thought out, it won’t happen. As evidenced by the past year.

  • I know I want to revisit what health is. I”m sick of being sick. I don’t think I’m going to find some magic cure, but I’d love to re-evaluate what I discovered a few years ago when I was trying to somehow unlock the mysteries of my body and the lack of pregnancy therein. Clearly, it didn’t work then, either. Too bad we can’t learn our way into better health. But there is still definitely something to learn in the process, and it sounds like a good place to start.
  • I know I want to grow my Etsy store and a blog can help. I have so many previously-made projects that have not uploaded yet. All it takes is time. They don’t make any profit sitting on my hard drive.
  • I know I want to finish some of the projects I’ve started in the past. Like the Family Home Evening Lessons. And Homeschool lessons. And … Pinterest projects. Am I silly for actually wanting to DO my pinterest projects?
  • I know I want to de-junk my house (I’m sure everyone feels that way. I have too much stuff).
  • I want to fix up this house (But I lack the strength and Ranger is lacking the time to do it). It’s been at a stand-still lately.
  • I want to make friends. Like seriously. I’m kinda a little afraid of people. It’s pretty sad. I used to love people. And then I shied away from people while I grieved all of my losses. And then I got hurt by some family pretty badly and it made me afraid of what I say and to whom I say it. And then we moved here and I didn’t HAVE to see people (I love country life) and lately, I’ve been so sick this past year, It’s been easy to just stay home. But I’m not getting any better and I’m sick of letting that stop me.

What does that mean for this blog? No idea. HOpefully I’ll be less surprised than you will.

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